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Your Partner in the Motherhood Journey

Motherhood is one of the best adventures a woman can embark on, but it's not without its challenges.

 Dr. Hart understands that every experience is unique. Whether you're a first-time mom, have breastfed several little ones, are beginning a surrogacy journey, or just looking for extra support, we're here for you. The bond between a mother and child is a wonderful connection. We strive to empower moms of all lifestyles and parenting stages throughout our work as a community DPC. The first few months are often the most overwhelming and emotional as you and your baby adjust to a lactation schedule.

We're here to say you've got this, Mom! Our caring doctor is here for support whenever and wherever you need it with personalized breastfeeding counseling at your local direct primary care in Corpus Christi.


Can I Expect from a Lactation Counseling Appointment at a Direct Primary Care?

A lactation/breastfeeding counselor is a specialized physician who is available to support parents in breastfeeding and lactation. Dr. Hart offers support, guidance, and advice to those who choose to breastfeed as an option for their babies. Common questions that arise may include painful or sore nipples, breastfeeding positions to maximize comfort, milk supply and surrogacy, and any other concern you may need the support of your provider on. We will work together to find the best lactation routine for you and your baby.


My DPC Provider Make House Calls?

We understand that, as parents, sometimes the most comfortable place for an appointment may be in the security of your own home, which we have made available to our DPC members or non-members; see pricing. Dr. Hart provides in-home lactation counseling in order to be available to her patients wherever she is needed. Accessible healthcare is a hallmark of our clinic. We'll be here when you need us most.


Primary Insurance Does Not Cover Lactation Counseling. Can I Still Receive Services at Coastal Community DPC?

Dr. Hart firmly believes that insurance should never be a factor in your healthcare journey. After all, moms have enough to think about without adding deductibles and co-pays to the list. We are the leading no-insurance healthcare practice in Corpus Christi and happily welcome uninsured patients. Our membership package includes lactation counseling services and support. See our membership and pricing page for more details, or reach out to our healthcare team. We'd love to connect with you and learn more about your needs.


Should I Receive Lactation Counseling?

While most parents visit a lactation counselor during the first few weeks of their newborn's life, we also recommend getting established with a provider you feel comfortable with during pregnancy. This will allow you to share your birth plan, goals, and any concerns in advance. A direct primary care provider uses your whole health history to better support each step of your journey. Lactation counseling is critical during the early stages of your baby's life as they (and you) are learning to feed. However, lactation counseling can also be highly beneficial months into your breastfeeding journey for topics such as weaning, pumping, and baby's growth milestones. There's never a wrong time to visit a lactation consultant.


Non-Members Utilize Lactation Counseling Services?

Yes, we offer non-member rates specifically for lactation counseling services. We understand this is often an additional service that requires an experienced physician. Therefore, we want to empower patients to remain in control of their healthcare needs by giving them options.


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Want to learn more about what you can expect from a lactation counseling session at Coastal Community DPC? Reach out to our team today. We look forward to being a part of your journey.

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