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A Corpus Christi native, Dr. Hart grew up in Houston and shares a deep love of her community with all of the DPC team. She received her bachelor's from Texas A&M University and went on to obtain her Master's in Medical Sciences at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. Staying true to her Texan roots, Dr. Hart attended the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth and went on to complete her Family Medicine residency at Stony Brook Southampton in New York. 

She returned to the "sparkling city by the sea" to continue her career as a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. Her heart for the community of Corpus Christi drew her to establish an affordable healthcare practice to give back to the city she calls home.

Family medicine is Dr. Hart's main passion. Through empowering families at every life stage, she builds a deep relationship with patients over the course of their time together. She often fondly refers to family medicine as the only field of medicine in which a physician can be involved in the medical care of an infant all the way into adulthood. Bringing the beauty of lifelong wellness to the community in a way that is accessible to all is a goal she strives to achieve through her work at Coastal Community DPC.



Direct Primary Care allows Dr. Hart to spend more time with her patients, building a strong foundational relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. Office visits are not rushed, and follow-up communications are readily available. She purposes to be an accessible provider for her patients whenever and wherever needed. From urgent care when you need a physician most to everyday wellness support, Dr. Hart firmly believes all healthcare deserves time, care, and efficiency. Our value is in our patients, not insurance premiums.

She loves to build relationships with whole family units and has a special interest in women's health. Women and mothers often face a unique set of challenges and wellness issues that affect their overall health. Within the greater healthcare landscape, this is often minimized or pushed aside entirely. Dr. Hart knows women's wellness is vital and deserves a greater focus within accessible healthcare. She comes from a place of empathy and understanding and seeks to empower other women in taking control of their well-being.

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