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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to direct primary care, you may be wondering if a community-driven practice is right for you.

This unique healthcare model may sound innovative and we can't deny that the DPC approach is a dynamic, evolving form of affordable healthcare. However, direct primary care is actually based on a return to simple values of a strong provider-patient relationship and an open-door community wellness center.

Let's take a closer look at commonly asked questions about DPC membership. If you've been looking for a "DPC near me," this is the place to start.


  • What Makes Direct Primary Care Different From Traditional Healthcare?
    It's no secret that our healthcare system leaves a lot to be desired. From unreasonably high insurance rates to a lack of options for uninsured patients, the traditional care model has become inaccessible to the vast majority of families. Appointments are often short with long waiting periods to get on a physician's schedule. Urgent care and ER visits can add even greater costs and headaches to the healthcare burden. At a direct primary care practice or DPC, we've taken the middleman out of the equation. No insurance. No co-pays or hidden costs. No wait times with same-day and next-day appointment scheduling and, best of all, no barrier between you and your provider.
  • Why is Dr. Hart switching from her previous practice?
    Dr. Hart is committed to her patients. She believes switching to a new practice based on a direct primary care model will allow her to provide the quality care her patients deserve. Without insurance restrictions, Dr. Hart can offer more personalized healthcare to her patients by spending more time with them and being a stronger advocate for their healthcare needs.
  • Does Coastal Community DPC Cover Uninsured Patients?
    Yes! We accept all patients, regardless of insurance status and without requiring authorization. Instead of billing by insurance, we have flat-fee membership model. While, on average, a primary care physician can handle around 90% of healthcare concerns, we do recommend that patients consider getting a high-deductible, low-premium plan to supplement our membership. This can help patients save money every month and ensure coverage during emergencies. This can be paired with a health savings account to cover catastrophic events that, while uncommon, can be very expensive. Young and healthy patients may want to consider a Health Share plan.
  • Can I Retain My Primary Care Doctor Through My Insurance and Still Be Seen by Dr. Hart?
    Absolutely! Collaboration is key to fostering amazing doctor-patient ties within our community. You're welcome to utilize our services for lactation and urgent care visits in addition to your primary care provider for a one-time fee.
  • How can DPC benefit me if I have Medicare or "good insurance"?
    The Direct Primary Care membership model Coastal Community uses allows us to provide a more personalized healthcare experience. As a patient, you will receive individualized attention whenever you need it. We will be your advocate and provide healthcare services that keep you as healthy as possible, without needing to go to urgent care or the hospital unnecessarily.
  • What if I Have an HMO plan?
    As a direct primary care provider, we are unable to accept patients with an HMO plan. HMO plans require your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to be listed with your insurance provider and on your insurance card. Since we do not bill insurance, we are not allowed to be your Primary Physician due to the insurance rules and regulations.
  • Does Dr. Hart Offer Affordable Family Healthcare?
    Dr. Hart is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. She offers care for every member of your family, from newborns to mature adults. She enjoys getting to know families at every life stage. Each member of our DPC comes with their own wellness experiences. We want to empower our members to thrive. When we can work together to create healthy lifestyles for families, we feel like we're accomplishing our goals as your local direct primary care provider.
  • I'm Looking for Women's Healthcare Through a DPC Model. Can You Help Me with Well Woman Exams and Other Female Health Support?
    Accessible healthcare is a problem across the board, but the lack of affordable healthcare disproportionately impacts women in our community. Dr. Hart wants to change this statistic. Her passion is supporting women in every area of wellness. Too often, female health support is minimized or ignored in the hustle of traditional healthcare systems. The intricate alignment of female wellness issues plays a dramatic role in our overall health. We see the big picture and strive to provide women with a safe, comfortable environment where they can be heard and -- most importantly -- treated.
  • Are Telehealth Services Available Through a Membership Plan DPC?
    Yes, we support an innovative approach to healthcare that leverages technology to meet patients exactly where they're at. In addition to telehealth, Dr. Hart fosters good rapport through ongoing communications with her patients. This includes text, email, phone calls, and video calls to assist with health issues that may arise when you simply don't have time to make it into the clinic.
  • What if I need labs or imaging?
    One of the additional benefits of a membership with Coastal Community Direct Primary Care is that we have been able to negotiate excellent cash-pay prices on labs and imaging. No hidden fees! If you have good insurance and no deductible, you may also choose to use your insurance instead for labs and imaging. Whether this is better than cash pay depends on the service needed and the insurance you have.
  • What if I'm hesitant to try a new model of healthcare?
    Trying something new and different always requires some thoughtful consideration, including healthcare. One of the things you should consider is how satisfied you are with your current healthcare provider and situation. Do you get in to see a provider right away, or you deal with long wait times? Are the appointments thorough, or do you always feel rushed? Do you feel you get value out of your healthcare equivalent or better than the amount of money you spend on it? At Coastal Community Direct Primary Care, we want to give you the best possible healthcare. If you have any questions or want to learn more about whether Coastal Community DPC is right for you, contact us to schedule a 15-minute discovery appointment.
  • This Sounds Fantastic! What's The Next Step? Is There a Lot of Paperwork? How Long Do I Have to Wait to See Dr. Hart?
    When we say no red tape, we mean it! The membership process is quick and easy. Our friendly team will guide you through enrollment and get you in for your first appointment. Head over to our membership page to learn more.
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