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Let's build a wellness-focused healthcare community in Corpus Christi, TX.

Discover the difference dedicated care can make when you become a member of Coastal Community Direct Primary Care.


personalized care

We are direct primary care with a purpose. Our mission is our Corpus Christi community, and our members are our priority.

Coastal Community Direct Primary Care champions the relationship between patient and provider through a unique no-insurance healthcare model. Direct primary care is defined by a commitment to shared community values. Accessible healthcare is our highest tenet, and we recognize that to achieve this goal, affordable healthcare must come first. That's why our direct care practice features a transparent, simple flat fee membership. There are no pre-authorizations, no hidden fees, no co-pays, and no insurance needed to become a member of our community. Whether you’re uninsured, underinsured, or insured, you are welcome. 

Fostering a lifelong provider-patient relationship is key to our mission. Here you are more than an insurance card number. Every member is a part of our community. Unlike traditional healthcare, which takes a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, we focus on the small details by keeping the patient-to-doctor ratio small and personable. Same-day and next-day appointments are available for urgent matters as well as anytime you just need to see your provider. Dr. Hart leverages technology to provide telehealth and comprehensive follow-ups via email, text, or video visits. We firmly believe in meeting every patient exactly where they're at; whether that's at a doctor's office or on your smartphone!


Dr. Hart is one of the leading female direct primary care physicians for women's health in Corpus Christi, specializing in lactation counseling and motherhood support. She guides her patients through every journey, from gynecological concerns to fertility counseling, pregnancy through the postpartum period, and newborn to pediatric care and beyond. Dr. Hart takes an understanding, compassionate approach to family planning and believes in empowering women in their wellness journey.



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